Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Objects can be crossed easily over a long distance with the Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) technology. Only a small excavation on each side of the drill is enough to realize the crossing.

With the HDD technology pipes of HDPE, carbon steel, cast iron, GVK and GRE can be installed which can be used as casing- or duct pipes and as product pipe as well. The product can be drinking water, waste water, oil, gas, district heating, telecoms and high voltage cables. 

In the past HDD – crossings where mainly be used for river crossings and crossings of highways and railways. Nowadays HDD is more often the application to cross environmental protected areas, existing cables and pipelines, trees and different objects in urban area.  

To realize a HDD crossing a so called HDD drill rig is used. The capacity of the rig is related to the length and diameter of the crossing. Holland Drilling has a fleet of eight modern HDD spreads with capacities up to 80T which can do crossings up to 800 meter in length and 900 mm in diameter.  

Both the 30 and 80T are unique and most compact rigs in the market which makes us able to reach jobsites which are not accessible for others.

For drillings from a slope, for example below a highway, Holland Drilling has a special drilling rig which is mounted on an excavator. With this machine there is no need for expensive and complicated access roads and facilities. 

All our rigs are equipped with all necessary equipment, tools and trucks to reach the jobsite easily and to realize the crossing safely and efficient. Most of our equipment is in house developed. 

To be able to give maximum flexibility to your project schedule we have a large fleet of smaller and midsize rigs.

For the engineering on the jobsite al our crews have a full online file which includes drawings, calculations and information of existing cables and pipelines on site available. The as-built information will be send to our office directly after the drill is ready.